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Harvard Health Publications, as a division of the Harvard Medical School and in conjunction with its strategic partner Belvoir Media Group, delivers the most current, practical, authoritative health information drawing on the expertise of 9,000 faculty physicians at the Harvard Medical School and its world-famous affiliated hospitals. We license this content to a variety of clients including health care companies, news and media organizations, consumer health and wellness portals and more. While our client base is diverse, each has the same objective: to provide their consumer audience with the most comprehensive, authoritative and trusted health information available.

We publish five monthly newsletters and more than 50 in-depth special health reports covering disease and wellness topics for consumers. We also license a robust suite of Web-based content products, including Health Decision Guides, Interactive Tools, Health A-Z, Ask The Expert, Ask Harvard Medical School Videos, and more. Our content offerings can be repurposed in a variety of formats best suited to a client’s message, forming the backbone of an authoritative education or disease awareness program in print, on the Web or both.

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