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Harvard Commentaries on Health

Dealing with Unintentional Weight Loss
Debating The Use Of Growth Hormone In Healthy But Short Children
Debunking the 50-50 Heart Disease Myth
December Holiday Safety Tips
Decoding Common Skin Conditions
Decoding Disease Names
Decoding Food Labels
Decoding the "Plasties"
Decoding the '-Omas'
Decrease your risk of falling
Defending Against Disease With an Anti-Inflammation Lifestyle
Defending Against Disease With an Anti-Inflammation Lifestyle
Depression in Children
Despite Benefit, Drug Prices Still High For Seniors
Detecting Heart Problems in Athletes
Detox Diets - Purification or Pure Fabrication?
Diet and ADHD
Diet and Age Related Macular Degeneration
Diet and Diverticulitis
Diet Soda -- Is it Really an Alternative?
Discount Prescription Drugs and Medicare
Disease-Fighting Phytonutrients
Diseases Named After Geographical Locations
Dissolving the Mysteries of Salt
Distracted Driving - Fast Lane to Disaster
Ditch the Gluten, Improve Your Health?
Dizziness - What Causes This Common Complaint?
Do Alternative Treatments and Vitamin Supplements Work?
Do Big Voices Need Big Bodies?
Do Kids Need Sports and Energy Drinks?
Do Personality Disorder Diagnoses matter?
Do Presidents Age Faster?
Do Sugar Substitutes Help You Lose Weight?
Do You Need C-Reactive Protein Testing?
Do Your Kids Have The Holiday 'Gimmes'
Doctor, How Long Have I Got?
Does A Sneeze Mean Disease?
Does Being a 'Lefty' Affect Your Health?
Does Breast Size Matter
Does Breastfeeding Reduce the Risk of Allergies?
Does Diet Affect Cancer Recurrence?
Does Diet Play A Role In Arthritis?
Does Eating Late Make You Gain Weight?
Does Everyone Need Psychological Help After a Tragic Event?
Does Metabolism Matter in Weight Loss?
Does Milk Cause Prostate Cancer?
Does Money Motivate Healthy Behavior?
Does Nighttime Noshing Make You Fat?
Dogs - A Source of Love and Well-Being
Don't Be a Wheelchair Potato!
Don't Be Sidelined By Exercise Injuries
Don't Dismiss Dairy!
Don't Fall for These Skin Myths
Don't Let Osteoarthritis Keep You Down
Don't Let Your Exercise Routine Suffer the Bad Weather Blues!
Don't Make Your Vacation a Holiday From Exercise
Don't Overlook Vitamin K
Don't Take Breast Cancer Lying Down (Part 1)
Don't Take Breast Cancer Lying Down (Part 2)
Drinking and Driving: Keep Your Teens Safe
Drug Therapy and Your Genes (Part 1)
Drug-Coated Stents: A Revolution in Cardiac Care
Dysphagia -- "Medical Speak" for Trouble Swallowing