Quirky Body Series

Quirky Body The human body is an amazingly diverse organism! The Harvard Medical School faculty explains 40 interesting – and sometimes bizarre – quirks about the human body. Originally launched on, Quirky Body has generated tremendous web traffic and consumer buzz on such topics as: Does hemorrhoid cream reduce puffy eyes? Are yawns contagious? Why do some people watch scary movies?, ACHOO syndrome, and many more. Fascinating facts and medical mysteries succinctly explained.

Quirky Body Series
Can This Be Right? It's Bad to Be a Lefty?
Can You Wear Out Your Joints?
Chew on This: Dental Myths & Misconceptions
Containing Yourself
Controlling Excessive Salivation
Do You Love Scary Movies?
Don't Rely on Pheromones for Valentine's Day
Earwax - Let it Be
Ending an addiction-why is it so hard?
Headaches: The Scary, the Scary-Sounding, and the Downright Weird
Hiccups for 60 Years
His Voice is Changing - Sign of Puberty
Hold It! (Or, Is That a Bad Idea?)
How Much of the Brain Do We Really Use?
How to Tell If It's a Boy Or a Girl...Before the Big Day
Ichthyosis - Beyond Dry Skin
If You Cross Your Eyes, Will They Get Stuck?
Is Menstrual Synchrony Real?
Itching to Know More About Itching?
More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About Flatulence
Need to sneeze at the sight of light
Squelching Your Belching
The Hairy Truth
The Hows and Whys of Blushing
The Ins and Outs of the Double-Jointed
The Myth of Bags Under the Eyes
Ticklish Mysteries
Urination Nation
When Sleep Goes Bad
Why Do We Crack Our Knuckles?
Why Does Hair Turn Gray?
Why Does My Nose Run in Cold Weather?
Why Yawns Are Contagious
Your Body in Reverse
Your Body in Reverse - Part 2
Your Fingernails and Your Health

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